* I come to you! *

Based in Fort Collins, Colorado.
Serving surrounding communities.

** Lion Cuts **

My specialty is Lion Cuts, 90% of my business is doing Lion Cuts. I can customize the cut to fit you and your cats needs. For example, the tail can be shaved or just combed out, or I can shave most of the tail but leave a cute puff on the end.

*Shave out just the mats or create a “poop chute”*

Mats can be removed by shaving out only the offending clumps of fur and leaving the rest of the coat that is in good shape; for long haired cats that often soil the fur under their tail after using the litter box, I can create a “poop chute” by trimming under the tail and along the back of the legs.

*Comb-Outs, to reduce shedding *

Comb-outs work best for cats without any mats. A good combing and brushing session followed by a Furminator “treatment” helps remove the majority of dead fur that may cause dull looking coats and future matting.

*Average fees are between $45.00 & $65.00 depending upon the time it takes to groom & how well behaved your cat is.

Severely matted cats may be additional.

Nail Trims $15.00 – $25.00*